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Tatra banka

2.6.2020 14:11

Premium Harmonic

Premium HarmonicTB belongs to the group of Profile funds represented by
managed portfolios focusing on global investments.

Investment in the fund can bring you

  • return potential of all key asset classes
  • adjustment of share of individual asset classes by their attractiveness
  • strategic share of equities from 5 % up to 50 % of fund portfolio
Details of the fund

Premium HarmonicTB offer:

  • individual investment solution

    We offer suitable solution of needs and investment goals for everyone. You do not need to select particular mutual funds and monitor their presence in portfolio by yourself in a complicated way.
  • possibility of achieving attractive returns

    Profile funds can protect your savings against inflation, reach appreciation above the level of classic bank products and thus fulfill your needs, goals and dreams more effectively.
  • broad risk distribution

    The fund offers multiple risk distribution which allows for reaching higher stability of your investment with lower risk.

Type of the fund:

mixed fund

Recommended horizon:

more than 5 years

Description of the fund:

Fund invests mainly into subfunds and financial derivatives with the aim to achieve return from financial instruments with interest yield, from the movement of equity, bond and alternative investment prices, equity dividends and paid out coupons and appreciation of the fund in EUR.

Initial fee:

0 %

Redemption fee:

  • Lump sum investment: 3 % in the first year, 2 % in the second year, 1 % in the third year of the investment, 0 % after the third year of the investment
  • Saving program PLUS:  3 % in the first year since the first payment, 2 % in the second year since the first payment, 1 % in the third year of the investment since the first payment, 0 % after the third year since the first payment

Management fee:

0,85 %

Risk profile (1-7):



September 2, 2005

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Fund:Premium Harmonic

Date from - to:29.5.2019  - 29.5.2020 

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