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Tatra banka

2.6.2020 14:14


Fund achieves returns by active management in equity markets of
emerging markets region and pacific region.

Investment in the fund may bring to you:

  • actively managed equity fund
  • focus on equity investments in emerging and pacific markets
  • solution with a potential of attractive returns
Details of the fund

Investment strategy objective

  •  to achieve an attractive return on equity investments, lower volatility and lower maximum drawdown in comparison with passive equity strategies

Investment strategy characteristic

Investment strategy of the fund actively adjusts the share of equities in the fund portfolio according to the development of financial markets. If needed, the share of equities may be lowered even to the level of 10 %. The rest of the fund portfolio consists of safe money market or bond investments. The reference currency of the fund is USD. Fund realizes active management in equity markets of two regions:

Emerging markets

The region has the potential to achieve an above-average economical growth influenced by the ambition to catch up the economical level of developed countries, strong demographic position and significant reserves of main commodities. Countries as e.g. China, Brazil, Russia, India belong here.

  • nowadays, emerging coutries contribute to global economical growth by about 50 %
  • it is expected, that untill the end of the year 2016 two thirds of global economical growth will be produced by emerging markets region
  • emerging markets have the majority of global key commodity reserves under control

Pacific region

Economically and commercially it is significantly linked to emerging Asia and, at the same time, includes countries that benefit from the growth of commodity prices, what makes it very similar to the character of emerging markets. Countries as e.g. Japan, Australia, South Korea, Hong Kong belong here. 

  • strong link-up of the region to emerging Asia, mainly China
  • the potential to benefit from the growth of commodity prices has primarily Australia, the big exporter of commodities

Type of the fund:

equity fund

Recommended horizon:

more than 10 years

Description of the fund:

Fund invests mainly into equity investments of emerging markets region and pacific region, financial derivatives and money market investments with the aim to achieve return mainly from the movement of the equity investments prices, dividends from equity investments, as well as financial instruments with interest yield and appreciation of the Fund in USD.

Initial fee:

0 %

Redemption fee:

  • Lump sum investment: 3 % in the first year, 2 % in the second year, 1 % in the third year of the investment, 0 % after the third year of the investment
  • Saving program PLUS:  3 % in the first year since the first payment, 2 % in the second year since the first payment, 1 % in the third year of the investment since the first payment, 0 % after the third year since the first payment

Management fee:

1,75 %

Risk profile (1-7):



May 10, 2010

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