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1.6.2020 22:34


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Active (ALPHA) solution

Active solutions do not have determined ways for investing the financial means. On basis of market development it is the fund manager who decides whether and when to invest in equities, bonds, money market, real estate, commodities and other assets with the aim to avoid negative development on the market and thus prevent significant decline of your investment. Fund manager constantly adjusts the fund investments to the development in the financial market aiming to reach appreciation regardless of the situation in the market.

Aliquot interest yield

Price of portion of another coupon valid after payout of the previous coupon until the bond is sold. The price of bond paid by the investor equals the sum of the price of bond and aliquot interest yield.


ALPHA measures outperformance of fund above benchmark. Higher ALPHA means higher relative performance of fund in respect of benchmark. ALPHA equals 0 upon the same performance of fund and benchmark. ALFA is generated upon active management.

Asset allocation

The aim of the investment technique is diversification of portfolio between various types of assets like equities, bonds, money market instruments, alternative investments etc. Individual asset classes behave very differently in respect of risk and return. For instance, equities offer the highest return but on the other hand, they also bear the highest risk of loss. Bonds are not that profitable but offer greater stability than shares. The asset allocation strategy enables reaching optimum risk and return ratio.

Average rating of fund portfolio

Weighted average of ratings of issuers of securities (local currency) placed in the fund portfolio.