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Tatra banka

19.10.2020 17:01

About us

  • mutual fund market leader
  • successful history
  • innovations
Who we are
  • in the market since 1998
    Tatra Asset Management (TAM) was established in March 1998. It is a subsidiary company of Tatra banka and belongs to Raiffeisen Bank International. TAM is one of the founders of the Slovak Association of Asset Management Companies (SASS). TAM is UCITS and FATCA compliant.

  • market leader
    Since its establishment, TAM has become a leader on the market of collective investment in the Slovak Republic according to the volume of managed assets in the mutual funds with market share 26,6 % as of 30 December 2016. It currently manages more than EUR 1.9 billion.

  • focus on innovations
    Our innovative team constantly works on making our offer more quality and effective, on development of new products bringing exceptional personal and financial comfort to clients who care about who and how manages their money.

  • broad offer
    TAM currently offers a broad portfolio of mutual funds. Our offer ranges from bond, mixed to real-estate or equity funds.


What we offer

We are a company which main purpose is to provide personal and financial comfort to our clients.

Our focus on innovations has helped us strengthen our position of the company significantly influencing the market of collective investment in Slovakia right from the start.

We select and consider investment opportunities from the long-term perspective. Our decisions are not affected by short-term expectations or "fashionable" solutions.

Our product leadership is derived from a portfolio of over 20 mutual funds. They have been created to satisfy investors of all types. Our offer ranges from money market, bond, protected, mixed to real-estate or equity funds.


TOP Management


Mgr. Marek Prokopec

Chairman of the Board of Directors


Ing. Martin Ďuriančik

Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors


Ing. Michal Májek

Member of the Board of Directors


Here are some of the most significant milestones in our history:

  • March 1998 - establishment of the company

  • May 1998 - first fund - Tatra Profit (currently TAM - Euro bond PLUS fund)

  • October 1999 - first Saving program in Slovakia

  • September 2002 - Investment bundles and first Client Investment Profile Analysis

  • July 2005 - Profile funds - first Slovak funds of funds

  • June 2006 - Protected funds

  • April 2007 - Real-estate fund

  • December 2007 - first company in Slovakia with book-entry participation certificates

  • January 2010 - new investment era - first investment model in Slovakia without entry and exit fees

  • May 2010 - Smart fund, first fund on the market with a unique approach to asset allocation

  • September 2010 - Socially responsible fund - first Slovak fund investing in responsible firms

  • October 2011 - Deposit fund - first special mutual fund of its type in Slovakia

  • March 2012 - Commodity fund

  • June 2013 - first Master/Feeder structure in Slovakia (TAM - Raiffeisen European High Yield Fund)

  • January 2014 - Alfa fund
Depository Distributor

Depository of our mutual funds is Tatra banka. The main task of a depository is to check the observance of legal rules. Fund assets are entrusted to the depository who thus gets comprehensive information about all transactions executed with the fund assets. The depository is a guarantor of observance of law and investor´s rights by the management company, holds responsibility for the correct determination of fund asset value and the related value of unit.

List of distributors we cooperate with:

Tatra banka, a.s.
Hodžovo námestie 3, Bratislava