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Tatra banka

1.6.2020 21:24

You can make it too

Benjamin Graham: "Investing is more about the character than the IQ"

Sensible care for finances significantly influences your life in the future.
Maybe sometimes even more than your career itself. Every single percentage by which your pension savings will appreciate during your active career increases your future pension by 25%. If your pension savings appreciate in a long-term by 6% and not 2% per year, you will reach double pension upon the same amount of saving. This is not a promise but a mathematic fact.

You do not need extraordinary skills or know-how to cope with financial markets.

They are often not helpfull for investors.

Investment is about patience and self-control.

You need to understand the following:
Financial markets represent an extremely dangerous place for greedy people. The vision of short-term profit blinds sound judgment. The vast majority of speculators is eventually unsuccessful.

When investing, emotions are a burden. They say that success in the equity market is formed in 20% by strategy and in 80% by emotions. Simply said, the greatest enemy of an investor is greed and fear.

You will not become a good investor by watching TV. "Guaranteed" investment tips are rather harmful.

Investing has its own rules. These rules are very different from the economic theory.

"Even financial markets are just people". Financial market in itself is a market like any other. In this case, however, people do not trade in vegetables, cars or fish but in financial instruments (equities, bonds, currencies...), simply with business (equities), borrowings (government bonds, corporate bonds), currencies.

Most probably you will be successful with a reasonable investment.