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Tatra banka

1.6.2020 22:17

Why to invest in mutual funds

Mind that upon appreciation of savings only in regular deposit products you expose yourself to significant risk and high probability of not handling inflation this way. Your savings can markedly lose real value.

That is why we suggest you to invest your mid-term and long-term financial means into mutual funds.

Every mutual fund is composed of financial means of several individuals - investors. A mutual fund is managed by a management company which invests the respective financial means of investors in different classes of assets in compliance with the investment strategy of the respective mutual fund.

Benefits of mutual funds

  • Possibility of reaching attractive returns

    Mutual funds offer you a possibility of reaching attractive yields on the invested means without any amount limitations.

  • Comfortable presence in global financial markets

    Mutual funds allow you to be a participant of the global financial market with investments in equities, bonds, real estate, commodities and other financial instruments.

  • Accessibility of money, free investment

    Conception based on an unbound investment allows for almost instant accessibility of money if needed. Your investment is not bound; no notice periods relate to it.

  • Transparency

    Information about investments are published in regular monthly reports of mutual funds. You can regularly monitor the status of your investment if you actively use the Internet banking of Tatra banka, as well as on website.

  • Cost effectiveness

    Costs related with transaction converted per one security upon purchase or sale of larger volume of securities, which is normal in case of a mutual fund, are markedly lower than upon purchase of one security by individual investor.

  • Active management

    Active management enables our investment specialist to adjust the fund composition to the current market situation by use of added financial instruments.

  • Possibility of regular saving

    Apart from single investments, mutual funds can be entered also with lower amounts in form of regular saving (from EUR 15), by means of Saving program PLUS.