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Tatra banka

1.6.2020 21:20

5 steps to successful investment

  • Keep "short-term" money stable

    Do not keep financial reserve or money for car purchase with the intention to earn on it. Do not risk with this money in a short-term. Place it in a bank account (current, saving, term deposit account), in money market fund or deposit fund or keep it in cash.

  • Invest "long-term" money with profit

    Pension savings, money for education of children, money for long-term standard of living. There is no need to worry about short-term decline with this money but inflation. Short-term decline at the beginning is favorable with long-term savings. It hits only a little saved amount but you invest new money when prices fall.
    Invest in assets or strategies that could bring you bonus over inflation (mostly shares and bonds). Invest or save in diversified instruments like mutual funds and supplementary pension funds. However, mind the possibility of investment volatility in time (which is inevitable price for future profitability of your investment).
  • Invest regularly

    Avoid the most frequent problem of a regular investor - purchase at high prices and sell at low prices. This way you can fully make use of the power of investment in business. For instance, average value of equity investment for random period of the last century was at least 50 % higher than the average value of the respective investments for the period of ten years before that period.
  • Buy on sales

    Attractive investment opportunities are connected with the period of uncertainty and stress. These are the periods of market sales when investors are driven rather by emotions and instincts than rational thinking. However, this does not mean that sales can not get even deeper. They can. On the other hand, it is certainly a period suitable for investment consideration. If you have decided to invest on an equity market in a long-term, the best period for purchase is the time of extreme nervousness and stress.
  • Money is not the most important thing in the world

    If you approach it this way, you will get much better with it.