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Tatra banka

1.6.2020 21:57

5 steps to master your own finances

  • Watch your finances

    At least once a year, take the time and evaluate your financial situation. Think about your income and expenses, try to estimate the value of your property. Sound finances require proper care.

  • Pay yourself first

    Take ten percent from each income. This is your reward. Who does not save up and always spends everything will never have money.
  • Create financial reserve

    People without any financial reserve are extremely sensitive to destiny´s misfortunes. Job loss or extra expenses can put you in a very difficult situation.
  • Diversify your money

    Money is managed worse when it is in one place. Diversify it by purpose of its further use. Our tip is to cover the following areas: financial reserve, pension, education of children, standard of living, everyday use.
  • Get money under control

    It is not necessary for you to constantly monitor all your expenses. Keep in your current account only money for everyday use. Purposely send the rest of money (you plan on spending for other purposes) out of your current account (saving account, mutual fund, term deposit, other account). If you are in black numbers in your current account at the end of month, you succeeded. If not, you need to reconsider your plan.